Cotton Seeds


  • Application :

    1. Enter Applicant Data
    2. Upload Your Good Projects / Resume In A Git Repo Named 'COTTONSEEDS'
    3. Submit your Git Repo link.
    >> Valid till june 12, 2021 .

  • PHP / PYTHON Development

    Writing clean, fast PHP / PYTHON to a high standard, in a timely and scalable way. Troubleshooting and maintaining the core product software and databases.

  • Passion And Creative

    Passion for best design and coding practices and a desire to develop new bold ideas

  • Usefull Skills

    Good knowledge of relational databases, version control tools like git and of developing web services

  • Note :

    This is intended for part time workers and mainly students.
    Working hours will be changed after 1-2 years of work, and you are free to resign at any moment.

  • Basic Front End

    The result of your work should be responsive, accessible, and performant websites.